lundi 11 juillet 2011

LAN party time ? no, cheap LAN party time !

Welcome back !
Today I'm gonna talk about something I just LOVE : LAN party !
I used to organise a lot of LAN party with my friends, and for that we did a LOT of research for fun, cheap/free games to play on a LAN party, so I had to write an article to share some of the best stuff we found !  (and yeah I love to write "LAN" with cappital letters !).

So you want to organise a little lan ? For like 10 persons ? your friends don't all have a f$cking alienware and 300$ to put on a lan week end ? Here you go ;)
I'm gonna start with some advices to keep in mind, and then a little cheap and free games selection !

(I just love that pic !)

4 tips to make a great LAN party :

1) You need an ethernet switch + ethernet cables : to be honest with you, I don't know so much about that, the only one I've ever bought was the cheapiest available, with cheap ethernet cables : never had any problems with it. So maybe they are some better switch etc...but really ? Unless you want to organise a 100 persons LAN party, just go with the cheapiest with the number of slots you want ! 
Don't ever try to play a "LAN party" on can work, but trust me, it sucks !

2) Then you need a place to setup your awesome cheap LAN party. Here there isn't real advices I can give you. Just make sure that everybody can sit well in front of his computer and that nobody can watch somebody screen too easily !

3) Choose the games BEFORE you LAN party ! If you do so, you'll be able to set up tournaments (1V1, 2V2, 3V3 etc...) and also to install the games on everybody's computers before the LAN party, you'll just earn a lot of time, and then you'll be able to use this time to play HARD !

4) Being an even number of player is always better for playing any games. If you can't, well it can work (I've done it several times, sometimes it's fine, sometimes it's a nightmare...). Don't say "sorry man you can't come to my LAN party, we need to be an even number of players", say "WE NEED MOAR PLAYERS!!!"

Anybody who had already organised a LAN party know about this stuff, so here's I guess the most important part : the GAMES !

So just because I have to say it, here you'll find cheap or free games, that don't require a brand new computer, so it will be easier to find people to play with !

tip : I've tried all of the games here, so they are all 100% compatible for LAN playing

- FPS :
Unreal Tournament (Classic / 2K4)   

Why the two versions ? Well it depends on the computers you have. I think most of the computers can run the 2K4 easily now, it add a lot of the contents such as vehicles, new games mode etc...But the "classic" UT is still a great game, make your choice, it's a classic nervous FPS you got here.

Serious Sam 2

This game is pure FUN ! This is a classic FPS, you run, you shoot and your guns are bigger and bigger ! The real great part of this game is the co-op mode, you can do the entire solo campaign with up to 16 players !! A classic LAN party game.

Alien VS Predator 2

Why this game here ? Well this game is one of my favorite on a LAN because of the scary part of it ! It's a great game to play in the dark, trying to scare your friends etc..When I was young, we used to play it while listening to horror movies Ost...EPIC !


Warcraft 3 (fun maps) / Starcraft

Ok so here it's not really my type of games, I'm more like a FPS fan, but RTS are well recognized multiplayer games. I've only really played Warcraft 3 funmaps and the first Stacraft on a LAN party, they are really cheap and you can find a LOT of maps for free on the internet, you can choose to play some fast games or little "scenario" (in Warcraft 3) to play for hours.

- MISC. :

Flatout 2

Flatout 2 is just AWESOME on a LAn party, I had to say it first because a lot of people just don't want to play games like this on a lan. In fact, you have to know that there is a classic race mode, pretty fun because you can smash your friend's cars, and a "destruction derby" mode, on the last one you just have to smash your friend's cars in arena. That's the perfect game to take a break, since everybody can play it easily !


 Poker TH : really light and cool poker game, perfect to play some fast poker games

Tee Worlds : nice 2D action game with a lot of skill ! Really small but it can be addictive !

Bontago : great puzzle game, you really have to try it to see if you like it or not. Very fun anyway !

Warsow : you don't want to pay for a quake - like ? This one is free, it really looks nice and it has all you can want from a FPS game ! 

So I'm done here, I just love to have LAN party and I hope you'll have FUN doing it ! 

ps : If you have some more great LAN games, just post it in the comments ;)

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  1. Thx for the game tips, really appreciate.

    Oh and one more tip for those that plan to give a LAN party, get the board game monopoly or risk, is fun if you get tired of gameing.

  2. It's been a while since I've felt so nostalgic about something. LAN Parties are awesome :D

  3. I've allways wanted to host or practicipate in a LAN party..
    TF2 would make a pretty good lanparty game..

  4. The last LAN party I went to was a complete fail. Next time someone invites me to one I will direct them to your tips and some others.

  5. CS 1.6 and Quake 3 were the games to play back in my highschool days. Also Diablo 2 was fun depending on how many people you had. Been so long since i've been to that type of event :)

  6. great post love warcraft 3 and serious sam

  7. We used to have an awesome place called "the cave" downtown. We would all go there pay a fiver and play on the computers they had provided. It was great to team up against random gamers and pwn them to pieces!
    love this blog, consider yourself followed wise internet kid.

  8. I used to play all these damn games. You reminded me of them again. I'm gonna play them again!

  9. NO CS NO GAME :D Sometimes I create LAN PARTY for my friends :D Great party :D

  10. all games u posted ive played atleast once and i agree great for lan

  11. Best LAN party strategy? Age of Empires 2 by far!

  12. Great game recommendations and good tip on announcing the game ahead the LAN party.

  13. thanks for the game recoomendations!

  14. Great tutorial, this kind of parties are really funny. You game suggestions are all good, Warcraft 3 is my all-time favourite. Are there cool fun maps for Starcraft 2 as well?

  15. I did LAN parties back in the days with Halo 1 so much, ever since then its always been online games for me. But LAN parties will always have a special place in my heart.