dimanche 3 juillet 2011

Blogging about my blog...

Hi everyone !
Today I'm talking about...well my own blog !
Take a look over there 

..and now scroll down (or up), you'll see my "Usefull links to a better computer experience"

In this article I'm gonna show you a little more about this, if you don't already know it !

this is THE #1 website to find any graphic content. The great stuff about deviantART is that anybody can create an account and post his stuff, so the database is HUGE and you can find here anything : wallpapers, icons, logos, drawing, ...
tip : browse it by categories, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Why zune here ? Well it's the software I use to play music, I think it is one the best way to play albums with a wonderfull interface ! Check out some videos to see what I'm talking about, but since it's free, you can just check it out by yourself, with your own music collection ! 

(this screenshot is pretty creepy, sorry about that)
This software is just awesome if you want to see your picture collection in a pretty way. The interface is really simple and you can also edit your pictures really easily. I use photoshop also, but I have to say that Picasa can do a real good job if you're just looking for simple modifications like correcting red eyes etc...
tip : use it as you default images viewer, it's really nice !

For a very long time, I've always been saying that this kind of software are crap, eating your RAM memory for nothing. But I've tried it recently and I have to say that they have done a really great job on that point, it's very fast now, and very light too. If you take some time to search for nice icons, and the right settings for what you need, it can really change your computer experience. To be honest with you I'll say that without this software, I would probably be using a mac today haha
tip : search for icons on deviantART !

I bet everybody know this one ! I'm just putting this here because I see too much people using Microsoft Office in college...and when you ask them "why don't you use OpenOffice ? it's FREE !" they just tell you that MS office is prettier, with better templates for powerpoint for exemple...
It's sad, you can do wonderfull powerpoint with OpenOffice ! It will just take 10 minutes instead of 2 on MS office...so seriously, why pay for this when it's free and awesome and open source on the internet ?!

Well, I know that maybe you won't agree with me, but I'm just sharing some free stuff here, and if somebody around you ask for a list of things to try on their computer to start, you can take one or two exemple from this list ! 

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  1. i honestly didnt know about open office thanks man i was looking for something to make a powerpoint on seeing as i had to re-install my OS and started school a couple weeks ago

  2. I own a Zune HD, and use the Zune software, and I have to admit, the sound quality played through the software is awesome!

  3. I use zune too! It has a far more attractive interface, and it seems to be less bloated than iTunes. Highly recommended.

  4. I used to love using Zune software until my Zune broke :\

  5. I've always used Zune easy software to connect your PC with your XBOX 360.
    Works perfect.}
    Thanks nice post bro, gotya!

  6. useful stuff, thanks for this. +1 follower

  7. I really like deviantART, but picasa could be better.

  8. Never owned a zune but i do like deviantart

  9. Thanks for reminding me about RocketDock, I used to have it a few months ago but I formatted my PC.

  10. I'm using all this except Zune Software and yeah, these are great services and programs. Especially OpenOffice(Libre Office on Ubuntu) and Rocket Dock are essential

  11. Black cats are evil cause they're cats, black ones only likes rap and gold much more than white ones.

  12. Wow this is cool, Ive never heard of this program, Thanks ill be looking into this. +1

  13. I actually think zune software is way better then apple. Thanks for info! +1

  14. When all else fails, blog about yourself.

  15. I just downloaded openoffice btw. Thanks for the suggestion!