lundi 27 juin 2011

The Cheap games Interval !


Hi ! Here I am to tell you one of my own advice again !
Today I'm talking about something I call "The cheap games Interval". It sound like crap but it's real ! 
It's pretty easy : look at the prices today, a new game will cost around 50/70$ but if you just wait a few months, you'll find the same game, new, for half the price (depends on the games of course) ! So the only thing you'll have to do is to wait for them to be cheapier
Here's a list of advice :

1. Patience

That's the Key ! When a games comes out, you will see all these awesome advertising about how you should pay A LOT to play it NOW ! It's bullshit. So if you really want to pay less for you games, remember to be patient !

2. Catch the right moment.

So here's one of my secrets : you'll have to know how many time you can/want to wait to play new games. I'm on a 3 months interval right now, wich means : when I see a new game coming out, I'll wait at least 3 months to buy it, and then I'm gonna buy it for 30$ or less !
Find your own interval and think twice before buying a brand new game !

3. Make exceptions

You'll say that I'm a bad teacher (lol), but that's really a part of it : making exceptions. My "theory" depends on your budget, if you can afford a 70$ game, think about it twice, and if you still want it well, you don't have so many option : HAVE FUN ! (but it's funnier when it's cheapest !)

Hope you will think about it, bye!

3 commentaires:

  1. 1. will be my new mantra.

    I can't believe I preordered Dragon Age 2, eternal regret.

  2. its really great now i think of it!
    +1 and following!

  3. Patience is such a difficult thing ;). But sadyl I just don't have enough time these days to buy a new game every week.