samedi 25 juin 2011

2 easy step to buy only the best

Hi !

In this new article, I'm gonna give you some advice gor buying ANYTHING !
The secret is time : you've got to spend time searching for what you want.
Most of you will probalby know how to do it, but it's always good to do this before buying stuff :

1. What do you want ?

First off all, you have to know how much you want to spend.
Then you have to find the best product in your price range.
Google is now your friend ! With some research it's pretty easy to find a forum or a website with people who are crazy about what you want to purchase (ex : if you want to buy a camera, there are a lot of website with people who know what they're talking about). Don't be afraid of posting a thread on a forum, that's the best way to find exactly what you want !

2. Where will you buy it ?

Now you can tell the exact model of the stuff you want, let's check for the best price.
Internet is awesome to compare price, again google is helpfull : there is a tab called "Shopping" to compare prices easily. But google will provide you a lot of different shopping websites, so how to know wich you should trust ?
Well it's not 90's anymore and purchasing stuff online is pretty safe now. But to make sure, always google the name of the website before paying on it, just to check some reviews from other people. Don't hesitate to ask the website assistance, that's what they are paid for.
Final advice : always check the prices IRL ! Most of the time, the best prices are on the internet, but often you can actually buy it around you for the same price or less sometimes. tip : if you want to buy any electronics, always consider the shops around you AND the internet. For exemple : a blue ray player cost almost the same price online and in your retailler, imagine that you've got the same warranty on both of them. Wich one will be the easier and the faster to return ? I'm sure you've got the answer !

see that nice and happy couple ? that's because they read my blog before buying stuff !

So don't forget, take your time, and compare by yourself, that's the best way to buy the best stuff !

I hope it will help somebody ! Bye !   

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  1. Why is it that anytime you browse, you always manage to buy a load of crap you don't need?

  2. I have browser addons that compare products for me :)

  3. Very informative, thanks : D

  4. Interesting stuff you got here, thanks for the headsups ! ") +follow

  5. Good info man, thanks for the tips and tricks.